Hawaiian BBQ, live music, and other fun events at Shoreview

July 15th, 2019

Summer fun has kept on rollin’ here at Shoreview! This July, we’ve had a Hawaiian BBQ, live music, and other fun events – check it out!

It’s hard to decide which part of our recent trip to Green Mill was best: the delicious meal or the ride!

Listening to Lyndon Griffin’s stories and songs about the Old West was so much fun!  

This month’s lesson and craft with Silverwood Nature Center taught us about the importance of sunlight in nature.

Monday morning bingo with friends is a great way to start the week!

Monroe knows how to bring a smile to our faces and put a song in our hearts! Celebrating our monthly birthdays with him was an absolute blast!

Maria not only keeps our library in order, she also keeps it decorated to always match the season. Thanks for celebrating freedom, Maria!

Aloha from Shoreview Senior Living! What’s more fun than a Hawaiian BBQ?!

Noodles and balloons bring on lots of laughs!

We love spending time together on the patio during the summer months!

Piece by piece, this gal gets the job done. We’re proud of our “Queen of Puzzles!”

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Fun May Activities and Events at Shoreview

May 24th, 2019
Lots of May activities and events at Shoreview!

We love our happy hours and music with Kent! It’s always so much fun spending this special time together!

We loved both the food and conversation at the Little Venetian restaurant in Little Canada. We’re more than ready to go back!

We love it when Trudi visits us with flowers and music! ???

We celebrated the special women in our lives at our May Ladies’ tea party. We wore fancy hats and flowers as we conversed, sipped our tea, and enjoyed music provided by our delightful guest, Tara.

This Memorial Day weekend, we at Shoreview Senior Living remember and honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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June Activities

July 2nd, 2018

June has been full of so many fun activities! From field trips to art and music to yummy treats, the residents are having a blast!

Root Beer Floats

We went outside for some trivia and root beer floats. It was a perfect day to enjoy these cool treats. We also realized that there are a few residents you should NOT want to give a water gun!


Hawaiian BBQ

Aloha, from Shoreview Senior Living! On Wednesday, we had our 1st annual Hawaiian-style BBQ. There were decorations to make residents feel like they were in the tropics and wonderful Hawaiian music from Johnny Pineapple. It was truly a great afternoon! We even had some special Luau dancers who made this whole event come together. They definitely brought many smiles and laughs to the afternoon.


Butterfly Art

Residents got creative and made some beautiful glittery butterflies to use as a plant stake or an ornament. They all turned out absolutely adorable and bring a bit of summer into the room.


Birthday Celebration

We celebrated our monthly birthday happy hour and a special 61st anniversary. It was so precious to see Tulli and Monica dance to an old favorite! We were spoiled with Kim’s signature chocolate Bailey’s cheesecake. It was a wonderful treat!! The Sunshiners, a mom and daughter duet, joined us for a fun hour of songs and had the residents singing along. Joy is 14 years old and is so talented on her flute. She wowed the residents as she played her flute while hula hooping. We even had a special furry guest, Bentley, who is an adorable great dane puppy. Together he and Leo brought many smiles!


Breakfast and Cards

This morning, we started out with a made-to-order breakfast for the residents! In the afternoon, Trudi joined us for another fabulous sing-a-long. She definitely took the residents “Over the Rainbow” with her beautiful voice. In the evening, Jamie played some cards with residents in Garden Cove.

Breakfast and Cards


Minnesota Transportation Museum

On Tuesday, we traveled through history at the Minnesota Transportation Museum and saw exhibits featuring local and regional railway and bus history. We learned that the Jackson Street Roundhouse was built by James J. Hill in 1907 as one of the Great Northern Railway’s steam engine maintenance facilities. It was also the only railroad that did not go bankrupt. It was interesting to see how train cars were designed. We had a wonderful tour guide for our special tour of the forge and learned some fascinating facts from the blacksmiths. We dined in the middle of the museum and took in more history as we watched a short film. We had a great time and absorbed so much history of the Twin Cities.


Pond Life

Alyssa, Seth, and Cora joined us from Silverwood Nature Center to talk about pond life. From tadpoles to turtles to water beetles, residents learned all about the little creatures that make the pond their home. Afterward, they made a cyanotype print which uses the sun to expose their creation.



We had Josh Eidsor play his polka-style music on a concertina. Some recognized him from the polka spotlight on the channel 6 Metro Cable Network. It was a great afternoon! We also put up the fence residents painted flowers on. Our garden out back is doing awesome as well. Soon we will have cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, peppers, and tomatoes thanks to all our green thumbs.


Pancake Breakfast

We gave appreciation to our fathers with a pancake breakfast. It is always nice to show how much we care for these special men in our lives.


Rockin’ Tony

Rockin’ Tony came in for an afternoon of toe-tapping music! Tony had special guests: Judy played the tambourine, Jim played the sax, and Don played the trumpet. Tony even got ahold of Mr. Smiles (my puppet) and tried to get him to sing!

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Around the World

May 7th, 2018

Residents helped children and learned about cultures from around the world.

Feed My Starving Children

May Day brings out happy feelings, and residents shared it by giving back. Shoreview Senior Living residents went over to Incarnation Lutheran Church and packed meals for Feed My Starving Children. It was a rewarding afternoon. In the end, we packed 327 boxes, which will feed 194 kids a meal per day for a year. Such a great feeling to know we can help make a difference in the lives of children around the world.


Festival of Nations

We hosted a Festival of Nations during Happy Hour. We featured Sweden, Germany, Ireland, China, and Liberia. Everyone was able to try popular foods from each country and learned some fun facts. Erma and Sharon hosted Sweden. They brought many fun items that represent their country and served herring and lingonberry spread. Tony and Ermi hosted Germany and served some Tony’s famous spaetzle and kraut. Linda even brought in homemade pretzels and beer to try. Maria hosted Ireland and served up some corn beef and cabbage. We featured Liberia because it is the native country of many of our caregivers. Residents tried some Liberian fried plantain. Marilyn served up some egg rolls from China and talked about their culture, too! Books and brochures from each country were set out to look through. It was so fun to learn about the different heritages and where we should go on our next vacation!


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Animals in April

April 30th, 2018

The past few weeks have been full of animals, music, and fun!


Chelsie and Sam from Silverwood Nature Center gave residents a presentation about water. We learned that nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. Our favorite fact is that 75% of the human brain or a living tree is made of water.

After some education, residents used stamps and other tools to create their birdbaths made of a clay. We look forward to getting them back next month after they are fired in the kiln.


CD Suncatchers

Residents painted CD suncatchers. We never thought something recycled could look so pretty. Can’t wait to hang them in the windows to have the sun shine on them and display their beauty.



Andy stopped by for a evening of music and treats. We were going to have a bonfire and roast s’mores, but Mother Nature won. We still enjoyed plenty of wonderful tunes and dancing with friends.



Amy came to visit for our second session of improv. We talked about emotions, and residents were able to express them to one another. Some residents even participated in an “animal sounds” band. It was such a fun time and so delightful to see the smiles and to hear the laughter.



Trudi and Frank joined us for an afternoon of music welcoming Spring! Finally, the snow is going away, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding. Always great to sing-a-long with such a dear friend.


Como Zoo & Conservatory

It was such a beautiful day to get out to the Conservatory at the Como Zoo. It was wonderful to take in all that nature brings to the world, and it’s truly amazing how much work they have put in over the years to make it so fascinating for us to visit. There’s always see something new! We even went to see the primates, where we saw orangutans, spider monkeys, and gorillas. It was a terrific afternoon with terrific friends!!!


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Field Trip: Lake Elmo Inn

February 7th, 2018

Thirty-four residents took a trip out for lunch in the glass sunroom at Lake Elmo Inn. The ambiance was beautiful and the food was great. The topic of most conversation was the Super Bowl. It was cool that the restaurant had the leftovers packaged in a tinfoil swan. Reminds me of my grandma, who neatly folded every piece of foil in her drawer. We even received a 25% discount for being “old,” as one person put it! Thank you, Lake Elmo Inn, for a wonderful afternoon! We made it back in time for residents to make a layered rose valentine for someone special.

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Zip-line Adventure

February 6th, 2018

Two of our residents crossed something off their bucket list over the weekend! Erma Comstock (86)  and Jan Bromberg (82) went on a zip-line across the Mississippi with Bold North Zip Line. They may be old, but they sure are bold!
What should they do next to check off their bucket list?

WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota has a news spotlight on our wonderful residents!

Shoreview Senior Living Residents Jan Bromberg and Erma Comstock Zip-line Shoreview Senior Living Residents Jan Bromberg and Erma Comstock Zip-line

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Field Trip: Ideal Hall

January 18th, 2018

We took a road trip to Ideal Hall for lunch and a show from The Floras. We ate stuffed pork chops with all the fixings. It was fabulous. We can’t wait to have the Floras perform at Shoreview Senior Living. Residents livened up the place with some of their dance moves! A Red Hat lady danced with us too. When it was time to leave, we sang some of our favorite tunes as we waited to load the buses. We thought we would drop a hint for Ideal Hall to possibly get a gig some time. We will see if we get a call!

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Machine Shed

December 21st, 2017

On Tuesday, a group of us took a trip to Lake Elmo for lunch at the Machine Shed.  They had great service and food, and the atmosphere was so much fun!
Cheers to the holidays!!

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October Trip to Silverwood Nature Center

October 30th, 2017

Monday we took a trip to Silverwood Nature Center, a beautiful place to experience apple pressing. Residents learned how to make apple cider and made some cute clay ornaments and pines for fall. A shout out to Sam and Galby for their time and dedication to making this a terrific afternoon for us all. Residents learned that there are over 2,500 varieties of apples in the US and over 7,000 in the world. The U of M is creating an encyclopedia set which will consist of all apple varieties ever created. I was surprised that there was only one apple that is native to the US , which is the crab apple. We also learned that 1 apple had just as much fiber as 2 servings of Metamucil. We voted on eating the apple!!! At the end of the class we enjoyed our homemade pressed apple cider…YUM!!

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