Shoreview Staff Appreciation

March 1st, 2018

Shoreview Senior Living has some of the most loving and hardworking employees. I myself am so grateful for each and every one. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping our residents. Your compassion, hard work, and love have proven to brighten every resident’s day.

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Men’s Pancake Breakfast

August 30th, 2017

Tuesday morning the men joined the volunteers for a Pancake Breakfast. So good to see so many show up. Guess the old saying is true…”The way to a mans heart is through food!”

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National Night Out!

August 4th, 2017

August came in with a blast as we celebrated National Night Out!! So Many turned out for this exciting event to bring our community together. DJ Steve came in to play his music, residents enjoyed hot dogs, lemonade and ice cream, and we even brought out the water balloons. It was so nice of Officer Wahlborg and Francia from Ramsey County to stop by and join us (hope I got the spelling right!!) , even in some dancing!!! Residents asked them many questions and it was so fun to learn more about them. Thank you, guys, for your dedication in our community and your time!! When they left, residents continued to dance the night away as well as watch Kristy and her clan of wonderful volunteers TRY to do the “Macarena”. Fun to see the residents try to do this as well!! Terrific evening with some terrific neighbors.

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Art with Jill

August 3rd, 2017

Jill came in to do a little Texture Art with us. It was fun to play around with the different papers and see the unique results of each persons picture. I think we should wall paper our community room with all there pictures!! So many talented people!!

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Independence Song Singalong and Auction

July 28th, 2017

Wednesday we welcomed back Trudi, Frank and their grandson Ari. Residents continued to celebrate independence through some song! Friday during our auction residents had a chance to meet”Holly” our new chef. We look forward to trying all her new creations and seeing her smile everyday. Welcome to the Shoreview Family Holly!!

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Planters for our Volunteers!

July 24th, 2017

This afternoon residents filled the planters which they painted for our wonderful and dedicated volunteers. They put in a variety of “angel plants” and added their special touch to each one. We love you Volunteers, thank you!!!!

Dedicated hearts like yours are not so easy to find. It takes a special person to be so generous and kind.

To be a volunteer, it takes…

Generosity, a willingness to give your time to others. Understanding, because their lives might be very different from your own. Empathy, an ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they must feel. Compassion, to truly care about making someone else’s life better. Patience, because the process doesn’t always go as smoothly as it might. Dedication, to stick with the project and see it through. So thank you for being a volunteer, we’re privileged to work with you. We want you to know how appreciated you are, Not just today, but the whole year through!!!

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Summer BBQ

June 19th, 2017

Today we had our first BBQ of the year! Residents were lined up for this event waiting to dine on some delicious food. One of our residents Tony slaved over the flames with Tim, our maintenance man, we think Tony was born to grill, thank you!! Family and friends joined us as well which made the day special for many. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful team here at Shoreview. Everyone pitched in and helped to make this day a huge success. Hats off to Joy and Gay some great volunteers for lending a hand!!!


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Singing and Dancing with Rockin’ Tony!

June 16th, 2017

Great afternoon singing and dancing along with Rockin Tony! Kassey and Justin decided to get into the action as well and show the residents some of their moves. Mary won the best “Hippie, Hippie Shake” contest and Judy helped Tony sing-a-long. Such a fun afternoon with good friends!


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