Celebrating Community Arts and More Messages to Family

We’re staying happy and healthy here at Shoreview Senior Living, and we hope you are, too! Here we are celebrating community arts and sharing more messages for loved ones. Shoreview Senior Living community members are happy to send warm smiles and more messages for loved ones! ❤️ At 2:00 on Friday afternoon, we opened our doors and had a community-wide singing of “You Are My Sunshine!” ?? During Monday’s morning correspondence, Shoreview community …

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Taking Care of Each Other and Staying Safe

We’re taking care of each other here at Shoreview Senior Living! We miss our friends and families, but we’re eating well, enjoying our activities, and thinking fondly of you all. Stay well, everyone.

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Music and Art, Family Time, and Healthy Living

We’ve been focusing on fun and happiness here at Shoreview Senior Living! Recent events covered music and art, family time, and healthy living. It doesn’t get much more special than four generations dining together! Shoreview tenant Mary J. enjoyed a wonderful afternoon when her daughter, granddaughter, and grandchild came by to visit recently. Happy hour with the music group, Bandanahh, was an AMAZING way to spend a Friday afternoon! Shoreview Senior Living residents …

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