Animals in April

The past few weeks have been full of animals, music, and fun! Silverwood Chelsie and Sam from Silverwood Nature Center gave residents a presentation about water. We learned that nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. Our favorite fact is that 75% of the human brain or a living tree is made of water. After some education, residents used stamps and other tools to …

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April: Music, Art, and Fun Times!

So far, April has brought us cold and snow. While spring may be delayed, the residents are still having a grand ol’ time. Happy Hour with Tony Tony joined us again for happy hour. He rocked the house with all the tunes we remember growing up to. He brings so much energy, and it’s always a great time when he comes. Judy did a great job helping him the tambourine, while other residents …

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Easter Fun!

These past few weeks have been a blast with Easter activities and some music! Dulcimer Lori Ronchak visited and played the Hammered Dulcimer during happy hour. It was such a unique and beautiful instrument that her brother made. She was very talented. We also did some sing-a-longs and music trivia on the piano.   Easter Bunny A group of kids visited residents and made crafts, played games, and got “tattoos.” The Easter bunny …

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