Month: April 2018

Animals in April

April 30th, 2018

The past few weeks have been full of animals, music, and fun!


Chelsie and Sam from Silverwood Nature Center gave residents a presentation about water. We learned that nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. Our favorite fact is that 75% of the human brain or a living tree is made of water.

After some education, residents used stamps and other tools to create their birdbaths made of a clay. We look forward to getting them back next month after they are fired in the kiln.


CD Suncatchers

Residents painted CD suncatchers. We never thought something recycled could look so pretty. Can’t wait to hang them in the windows to have the sun shine on them and display their beauty.



Andy stopped by for a evening of music and treats. We were going to have a bonfire and roast s’mores, but Mother Nature won. We still enjoyed plenty of wonderful tunes and dancing with friends.



Amy came to visit for our second session of improv. We talked about emotions, and residents were able to express them to one another. Some residents even participated in an “animal sounds” band. It was such a fun time and so delightful to see the smiles and to hear the laughter.



Trudi and Frank joined us for an afternoon of music welcoming Spring! Finally, the snow is going away, the birds are chirping, and the trees are budding. Always great to sing-a-long with such a dear friend.


Como Zoo & Conservatory

It was such a beautiful day to get out to the Conservatory at the Como Zoo. It was wonderful to take in all that nature brings to the world, and it’s truly amazing how much work they have put in over the years to make it so fascinating for us to visit. There’s always see something new! We even went to see the primates, where we saw orangutans, spider monkeys, and gorillas. It was a terrific afternoon with terrific friends!!!


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April: Music, Art, and Fun Times!

April 17th, 2018

So far, April has brought us cold and snow. While spring may be delayed, the residents are still having a grand ol’ time.

Happy Hour with Tony

Tony joined us again for happy hour. He rocked the house with all the tunes we remember growing up to. He brings so much energy, and it’s always a great time when he comes. Judy did a great job helping him the tambourine, while other residents showed off some dance moves.


Spring Flower Boot Vases

Residents painted ceramic boot vases and filled them with spring flowers. There may be snow outside, but we are bringing spring to Shoreview Senior Living! Everyone had their different styles, which added to the creativity of the afternoon. All turned out beautifully!


Children’s Performing Arts

Children’s Performing Arts put on a little show filled with song and dance for residents. They are such talented kids, and we look forward to seeing them in their new theater.


Kitchen Kut Ups

The Kitchen Kut Ups from New Brighton gave us some silly silly songs and laughter. Their instruments were so fun, and their skits were hilarious. The residents truly enjoyed the show. Thank you for bringing a little joy and humor to Shoreview Senior Living.



We had a fun basketball competition in Garden Cove. Even one of the caregivers joined in on the action. The residents ended up in the winner’s circle! I think they have been practicing hard. Herb even showed off his muscles after his winning shot.


Happy Hour with Jim and Norton

Jim and Norton joined us for a terrific happy hour with delicious appetizers and cake to celebrate this month’s birthdays! Dancing, singing, and many smiles made this day so special!




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Easter Fun!

April 6th, 2018

These past few weeks have been a blast with Easter activities and some music!


Lori Ronchak visited and played the Hammered Dulcimer during happy hour. It was such a unique and beautiful instrument that her brother made. She was very talented. We also did some sing-a-longs and music trivia on the piano.


Easter Bunny

A group of kids visited residents and made crafts, played games, and got “tattoos.” The Easter bunny hopped on over to celebrate with all the kids! They also had some special treats to take home with them. Thank you to all the residents and volunteers who helped make this a wonderful and successful morning.


Coloring Eggs

Residents went back in time as they remembered decorating their Easter eggs as kids. Four dozen beautiful eggs were completed. Some were painted, some were dipped, and others used tissue paper. We are now ready for deviled eggs! A few residents kept crafting and created a Mod Podge egg or a cross, too!


St. Odilia Kids Visit

Students from St. Odilia School visited Shoreview Senior Living again. They performed skits, sang songs, and made crafts! It was so special seeing the two generations engage with one another. Not only did residents get attention, but Leo loved it as well!! Thank you, Saint Odilia 4th-graders, for spending some quality time with us here at Shoreview!


Yoga & Polka

A little yoga with Nancy and a little polka with Dan made for a wonderful day! The continuous Minnesota snow won’t stop our fun here at Shoreview Senior Living.

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