Leo February Visit

Leo visited all day and spread his love to everyone. We started off the day singing hymns with Norma on piano and Judy leading us in song. They did a great job! In the afternoon, when yoga started, I think Leo was too tired to care when we did our cat and cows, but I did catch him doing his “ball pose.” It’s amazing how he lights up the day for the residents …

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John and Paul

Residents gathered to listen to the live music of John and Paul. One of them is our resident’s brother. They were terrific! It was great to see everyone having such a good time and singing along to some of their favorite tunes.

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New Toy

We finally received a new toy… a karaoke machine! It was so much fun to play around with, especially during manicures. Lee had all the ladies listening and applauding him! We can’t wait to get more CDs. February may be coming to an end, but Trudi helped us continue to celebrate with “The Day of Love.” She is an inspiration to all the residents, and they just love seeing her and Frank each …

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